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Escorted Tours

If you want to make your own schedule and travel at your own pace, but without the hassle of planning everything yourself, an escorted tour of Ireland is just what you’re looking for. At Exploring Vacations we offer private tours ranging from 5 to 15 days, with your very own driver at your disposal and your accommodation all arranged on your behalf.

Set your own schedule

Unlike a coach tour, a chauffeur tour allows you to set your own itinerary for the day. While we provide a planned route for each day, if you feel like spending an extra hour exploring one place, or having a late lunch in another, or even skipping somewhere altogether if it doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can! You have complete freedom to do what you want, when you want.

Avoid the crowds

Taking a private tour of Ireland means you can get away from the crowded tourist buses and avoid the busiest times at certain attractions. No waiting around for groups to arrive or sticking to set departure times. Come and go as you please, and enjoy the comfort and view from the back seat of your car.

Local Knowledge

The best part about embarking on a chauffeur tour of Ireland is the local knowledge that your driver has. Our expert guides know all of the fastest shortcuts, the perfect places to stop for a photo opportunity, the tastiest restaurants to try, and more than a few interesting anecdotes about the places you’ll visit.

Effortless Comfort

With a private tour, your transport and accommodation has been specially chosen to meet your tastes and your budget. We personally choose all of our hotels and ensure that our cars are in tip top condition for both the roads travelled on and the passengers taken along for the ride. Everything is subject to rigorous and regular inspections so that no matter what your needs, we have them covered.

What is a coach tour

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Seven Reasons to choose Exploring Vacations

  • We serve all the Top Destinations in Europe
  • Smaller, luxury coaches for a more personal, less tourist experience
  • Best and most up to date car hire fleet available
  • No compromise accommodation. Your hotels are triple certified for quality.
  • Best rates in the industry for hotel accommodation
  • Best rates for flights from anywhere in the world to any destination in Europe
  • Expert Travel Advisors standing by now to help you create a dream vacation at the very best price.
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