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Ireland Bed and Breakfasts

The humble Bed and Breakfast has long been a staple of the Irish tourism industry. Ireland is a country made up of a few big cities and many small towns and villages, so you may not always come across a hotel on your travels. Our Bed and Breakfasts are some of the best in the world however thanks to our famous hospitality, so that’s not really a bad thing!

B&B Living
Staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Ireland is a unique experience. B&Bs are almost always family run homes where the owner lives on site, usually with less than ten bedrooms – so you know you’re getting top quality, personal service. Your friendly host will be more than happy to provide any tips and advice you need, and will give you your own key so you to come and go from the house as you please. You will have your own private bathroom, and there is usually a communal living room

Bed and Breakfasts are different to hotels in that the service provided is exactly what its name suggests – a bed and a breakfast. For that reason, they’re usually a much cheaper accommodation choice, plus you get the benefit of local knowledge, personal service, and a real Irish family experience!

So what’s for Breakfast?
The breakfast is always the best part of any B&B experience. Fill up for the day on a ‘Full Irish’, a dinner plate loaded up with any (and usually all) of the following:

Bacon, eggs (scrambled, fried or however else you like them!), sausages, black pudding, white pudding, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, hash browns, brown bread, toast with ‘real’ butter, and all washed down with several cups of tea.

Oh, and it’s all fried in a big pan, too, hence the alternative name of a ‘fry’! If you’re watching what you eat or have special dietary requirements, don’t worry – there’s always a healthier option available for those who can’t stomach the ‘Full Irish’.

B&Bs in Ireland
If you choose Bed and Breakfast accommodation during your time in Ireland, here is some advice on what you should be looking for.

Firstly, look for a B&B that has been approved by either the Irish Tourist Board or the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. They will have a dedicated shamrock sign over the main entrance or at the gate of the house.

Get directions, especially if your B&B is in a rural area – Ireland is not known for its clear signposting and well marked roads, so get clear directions from your host and make sure you know where you’re going. It will make a difference, trust us!

Some Bed and Breakfasts have limited parking space, so if you’ve got your own set of wheels, check out the parking situation before your arrive. If there isn’t enough space, your host will usually have an alternative option, such as a public car park.

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