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From the moment that you request information about your vacation in Ireland you will be assigned one of our Qualified Personal Travel Advisors. Our advisors are here to work with you to make your vacation in Ireland just perfect. They will be with you as a point of contact through the booking process, while you are here in Ireland and they will stay with you until you return home.

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Olivia Carr

Hi, My name is Olivia Carr. I am a Mullingar Native and have lived here all my life.
I love living here as the pace of life is quite laid back and not as rushed or pressured as the cities.

I enjoy travelling and have visited all the counties in the country. My favourite place is the Lee Valley in Cork as the scenery is amazing and the people are so friendly. Another of my favourites is Clifden in Co. Galway. Living in the Midlands, the land is quite flat so to see the beautiful scenery just a few hours away is wonderful .

To visit Ireland is a truly unique experience, as it is a country steeped in culture and the craic is found in every town.

Claire Reilly

I was born and raised in county of Meath and I believe everyone should live life to the full. However when it comes to the subject of birds I’d rather give it a miss. I adore everything Ireland has to offer and love getting a sense of satisfaction out of helping and dealing with people on a daily basis. I would consider myself to be a very adventurous person and I love to explore the outdoors. My pastimes include socialising, sports and horse-riding.

My favourite place in Ireland without a doubt has to be Galway city. Galway is just
one of those city that’s always full of life and entertainment. Whether it’s just going for a bite to eat, a sociable drink or a bit of retail therapy it never fails to impress. One day in
Galway city is just a breath of fresh air.

My top tip for Ireland:

If it’s your first time to travel to Ireland, travel with an open mind and make sure to
mingle with the locals.

Christine O’Keeffe

Hi, Christine here. I’m a Mullingar native and have lived here all my life.
Mullingar is at the heart of Ireland and is less than an hours drive from Dublin.

I have travelled the length and breadth of this wonderful country from shopping
in Belfast to sight seeing in Cork, from the Giants Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede
rope bridge in Antrim to Glenbeigh Beach in Kerry.

Ireland is truly a fabulous country and whether you want an adventurous holiday,
shopping, pub crawl or a quiet holiday Ireland has it all. And if you’re lucky enough to have sunshine while you’re here you will really appreciate the beauty of this country of ours from Glencar Waterfall in Co. Leitrim to the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare. Enjoy travelling the by-roads and the wonderful scenery that you will not only pass but also be part of.

My top tips for holidaying in Ireland are:

(i) Bring an umbrella and/or raincoat

(ii) Grab an Irish Coffee or a Guinness and relax and enjoy the experience

(iii) Above all else – relax, have fun and enjoy.

Ciara Reilly

Pronounced Key-Ra, I was born and raised in Ireland in Co. Meath, I much prefer the quiet country side of Co. Meath rather than large cities.

I enjoy the excitement of visiting new countries, although having lived in Australia for over 2 years I could not wait to get back to Ireland as the beautiful green country has so much to offer. My knowledge of travelling allows me understand exactly what visitors are looking for when they visit Ireland.

After returning from Australia I joined Exploring Ireland, and I am really enjoying helping people to get there trip to Ireland completely right. I also enjoy listening about the visitors Irish routes.

In my spare time I enjoy horse riding, socialising with friends in the local pubs listening to traditional music and of course I love to catch a GAA match of hurling or football in Croke Park, been from Meath football is my first choice!

My favourite place in Ireland has to be Kerry, any chance I get I visit there and each time I go it never fails to impress me, the beautiful picturesque scenery is breath-taking. The locals are always so friendly and are always willing to send you in the right direction.

Gary Gorman

I’m from Ireland and lived here most of my life. As a 32 year old native of Mullingar in
the centre of Ireland I love the location due to everywhere being close! Almost
every county is close by so access to the rest of Ireland is easy.

I enjoy trekking, kayaking and motorcycling and generally an outdoors person (despite the weather!).

I’ve been with Exploring Ireland for 4 years after a year travelling around the world and
enjoying the fast pace of Irish tourism.

My favourite Irish towns are Galway, Doolin and Dingle and visit them as often as
possible. Travelling down the west coast of Ireland is a favourite pastime and
gives the opportunity to head into the mountains and get back to nature. Doolin
is a favourite of mine as I am passionate about music of all types and this place is famous for a good session.

Scotland is another area I love to visit as often as possible for both work and play! This
is a home away from home and Edinburgh and Glencoe are my favourite locations.

My top tip’s for Ireland:

1. Drive the winding roads of rural western Ireland
2. Watch a game of Gaelic football or hurling at any local club
3. Have a pint of Guinness in Galway city and walk through the buskers playing in the evenings.

Jordan McGarry

jordan meet

My name is Jordan McGarry. I live in a small town called Mullingar right in the heart of Ireland. Although leprechauns aren’t real here in Ireland, I am about the same height as one at a petit 4”11 that joke never gets old here in the office! I love living here as it is a place where beauty and serenity, laughter and music come together, everything is so green and lush!!

Mullingar is less than an hour outside Dublin City and this is a plus for me because I am a shopaholic and when I get a chance I love to visit the big city itself. Another thing that takes up a lot of my time are my two puppies, Bacon and Cabbage, names after a very popular Irish dish, they are two little messers, and I love taking them out to the country side for run a round.

I love the South of Ireland especially the “Sunny South East” known as Co. Wexford. I have family here so I spent the majority of my time growing up here. You will find hundreds of things to do and see in the Sunny South-East of Ireland, It proves hugely popular thanks to the sunshine, wonderful beaches, tradition, restaurants and excellent places to stay!

Michelle Flynn

My name is Michelle and I was born and raised in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, in the heart of Ireland. I have travelled to many places all over the world, but I have to say, there is no place like home and the “Céad Míle Fáilte” you receive when you travel around beautiful Ireland.

My favourite place to visit in Ireland is Galway City. I love to wander around Galway City’s cobble-stoned streets where you can feel yourself stepping back in time to Medieval Ireland. Galway City is packed with Irish culture and activities to entertain every age group. The West of Ireland is full of beautiful unspoilt Irish landscapes which will give you a real feel for traditional rural Ireland.

Top tip while visiting Ireland:

Attend a Traditional Irish music session, where you will experience a mixture of both lively upbeat jigs and heartbreaking ballads which can be found in pubs throughout the country all year around.

Ciara Connelly

My name is Ciara and I have lived in Mullingar all my life, Mullingar is a great town to grown up in and is in such a central location it is perfect to explore all the beauty Ireland has to offer,

My favourite place in Ireland is not too far away from Mullingar, it is in our neighbouring county Meath which in my opinion is the Heritage Capital of Ireland and is known as the Boyne Valley, my favourite attraction in the Boyne Valley is the UNESCO World Heritage site Newgrange which is older than the Pyramids in Egypt

In my spare time I enjoy nothing more than watching a match as I am big sports fan and I would thoroughly recommend anyone coming to Ireland to visit Croke Park which is our National Stadium for GAA . Experience the passion and pride that Irish people take in their local teams and also the rivalry that can arise and then afterwards you can relax and enjoy a pint of Guinness of one of the local pubs where everybody comes together again.

Lorraine Sinnott

My name is Lorraine. I am originally from Clonmel in Tipperary but I now live in Mullingar with my Husband and two boys. I am an outdoors type of girl. I like to go for a run ( to run off all the chocolate !!!) watch Rugby, horse racing Hurling and I play tag Rugby for the summer Months which is great fun and I love the social side of sport to meet new people and have a bit of craic.

My favourite place would be Galway for sure. I love it down there, the atmosphere, the cobble lock streets, meeting tourists from all over the world and of course drinking the nicest pint of Guinness in Tig Coili on shop street listening to a traditional music session !!!

I love working for Exploring Ireland as we are enthuastic about our jobs, there is never a weekend that one of the team hasn’t headed off to do something off the beaten track and fill us in on a Monday. We all know the best spots in Ireland to visit and we really want to show you the best of Ireland and mind you when you are here that when you head back home you have a feeling that we really gave you the best holiday and you get the savings jar out to get saving again to come back to us . Although you can’t blame us for the unpredictable weather !!!!

Tina Finnerty

Hi, My name is Tina Finnerty. I was born in the UK  but my Mum is Irish and she decided to move our family back to Ireland just after I turned one .

I feel I am definitely a honorary Irish person now , I love living in the countryside after trying the city Living in Dublin, it just wasn’t for me. Now I am providing the same country living for my son and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I enjoy travelling especially around Ireland , I have worked in the travel industry for over ten years now in many different roles . I have to say that out of all the countries I have visited Ireland hands down beats them all.

My favourite place is the Giants Causeway , to see such natural wonders is truly incredible .

Hopefully you will decide to come visit Ireland if only just to experience the people and there hospitality and enjoy some ceol agus Craic.

Henry Reilly

Hi my name is Henry,

I have lived all my life in a small village called Multyfarnham just outside Mullingar. I love the small town lifestyle and living in a place where everyone knows your name and there is a great sense of communityI have travelled extensively throughout Ireland and feel that this country has so much to offer visitors. From the main tourist sights to the endless small towns and villages throughout Ireland that give a real insight into the Irish way of life. My favourite areas of Ireland would be the West coast as I am into surfing and love the small coastal towns along the west coast like Doolin and Galway.I have also travelled all over the world and feel Ireland has a lot to offer. The culture and friendliness of the people here is second to none. I my free time I play Gaelic games, Rugby so I am very active!

My top tips for visiting Ireland are:

1,Try and explore some off the beaten track sights like smaller towns and villages.

2,Try and watch any of our Gaelic games

3, Try and experience some traditional music in the west of Ireland around Clare and Galway.

Niall Carroll

Hi my name is Niall Carroll.
I am from the town of Athlone and have lived there since a young age. Personally I love Athlone due to its central location and huge amount of resources. Having recently spent 3 months in the US, I have grown to appreciate what I have on my doorstep in terms of scenery and how welcoming the people of Ireland are.

From playing golf I have had the opportunity to travel around Ireland and my favourite place to go would be the North-West in County Donegal. The scenery is outstanding and the crack is mighty. Ballyliffen would be my favourite course to play. I would highly recommend getting there early and play both courses in one day if on a golfing trip. The scenery is outstanding and the crack is mighty.

In my free time I like to play golf and Gaelic football. When in Ireland I would definitely suggest to someone to go see a Football or Hurling match just to sample our local sport.

Jameson Brown

Jameson is my name and I come originally from Manchester, UK. I lived there until I was 24 years old and then went travelling around Asia and Australia. It was in Melbourne that I met my wife, who is Irish. I moved to Ireland from Australia in 2002 and would never move again. I love this country with a passion: the people, towns, villages and especially the Irish sense of humour which is second to none!
I have lived in Dublin City; Tullamore, County Offaly; Carrick-on-Shannon, County Leitrim and Moate in County Westmeath – I only have another 28 counties to go!

My love of travel has seen go to the length and breadth of Ireland, and I have visited every county on more than one occasion so I know the lay of the land. Ireland is such a diverse country in relation to its size, there is literally something for everyone, however I do have a real love for the north west of Ireland (Leitrim, Sligo, Donegal and Mayo)`, and when I get the chance I like nothing more than climbing Benbulben or Croagh Patrick and taking a few photos or doing a little sketching .

Living in big cities like Manchester, Dublin and Melbourne and then moving to County Leitrim was, I thought, going to be a huge culture shock – it the best way; my first walk down the main street in Carrick-on-Shannon took a little longer than I would have expected as strangers passed by you and tried to start a conversation; not the type of thing done in the city I tell you!

My tips for you are:
1) Strike up conversations with the locals at any opportunity, for it is the people that make Ireland special.
2) If you are Cork, try the Murphy’s Stout, it is the David, against Guinness’ Goliath!
3) If you are in Sligo, have a seaweed bath!

Cormac Boyle

Hi, My name is Cormac! I live in a small village Killucan just outside Mullingar. I love living here as it is away from the bigger towns where there is a sense of community and a lot less noise!

It is small villages like my own that I feel visitors love to pass through and see while they are here in Ireland. They give a real sense of what it is like to be Irish, whether it be a local farm or the small village shop! Also I have noticed that visitors love stopping in these small villages to get a pint of Guinness in a traditional Irish pub!

I am very much into sports and play our native Gaelic games. I love to watch sports on the T.V and I often find myself up till all hours of the night trying to catch some American football. I strongly advise to try take in a Gaelic football or hurling game whilst you are here in Ireland – they are a great spectacle played by amateur sports people.

My favourite place in Ireland is definitely Galway – it has it all. It is a fantastic city with small old-fashioned pubs, some of Irelands nicest restaurants and it is by the sea, what more could you want! It is my number one destination here in Ireland!

 Danielle Browne

Hi, my name is Danielle and I live just outside of Mullingar near the hill of Uisneach. This is home to “The festival of Fires” which is a music festival that is on every summer.

I am very passionate about my country .. and proud to be Irish!!

I have a huge interest in traveling both home and aboard in my free time.

Two of my favourite places in Ireland would defiantly be Galway and Cork city, both of which are very similar in that they are great for shopping, have lovely restaurants and endless craic to be had in one of the many traditional Irish pubs..

If your considering coming to Ireland on your vacation I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed!!

Aoife McCarthy


My name is Aoife pronounced Ee-f-a, I have had some colourful pronunciations of my name while I’m here, which never fail to make me laugh.

I was born and raised here in Mullingar, and I love my hometown we have a lot of people passing through here on their trip to Ireland and it’s a popular spot.

I am a keen GAA handball player, I play for my county Westmeath, and I have gone on to the play world championships which I won back in 2011. I have been heavily involved in GAA handball since I was a little kid, and it is a huge passion of mine.

I love sports in general, I studied tourism and sport in college, and I now get to work in a field that I love as well as keeping up my sporting endeavours.

Working in Exploring Vacations lets me work with all different types of people, which I really enjoy! I love talking to people from all over the world, as well as working alongside some very different personalities here in the office.

Jacqueline Jordan

Hi my name is Jacqueline Jordan. I am living in Mullingar, Co Westmeath for almost 8 years now.
I am originally from Birmingham, UK but both my parents, grandparents and pretty much my whole family are from Ireland and at the age of 21 I decided the Emerald Isle was calling me and I haven’t looked back!!

So you could say Mullingar is my home now and I am definitely a home bird! Mullingar town is right in the midlands and surrounded by countryside and beautiful lakes which make for lovely walks at the weekend with my dog!! I love the peace and quiet of the countryside but its still only an hours drive from Dublin so I can still feed my shopping cravings easily!!

I have travelled to many different towns and cities since I moved here and one thing they all have in common is a friendly face! No matter where you are there is always someone with a smile and a helping hand! I love the west coast though! From the great nightlife and shopping in county Galway to the beautiful landscape and traditional Céilí bands playing in the local pubs in County Clare it has it all and plenty to choose from that you never go home disappointed!

So what is stopping you??! Go and book the trip of a lifetime and don’t forget your camera!!!!!!

Gary Doyle


Hi, my name is Gary! I’m originally from Dublin but I moved to a countryside village outside Mullingar and I haven’t looked back since. The traditional sense of community and unique cultures found in small-town Ireland really must be seen to be believed!

I’m a massive sports fan and I always try catch an American game when the time zone’s aren’t too harsh! One of my top tips for visitors is to head to a local Gaelic Game, it’s a great day out for all ages and I’m yet to meet anyone who hasn’t had a fantastic time!

My favourite part of Ireland is without a doubt, Galway. The old cobblestone streets and friendliness of the locals provide a different experience to virtually every other city in the world. Whether it be relaxing with a pint in Eyre Square or wandering down Shop Street, the choices on how to spend your day in Galway are endless!

I always maintain that everyone should visit Ireland at least once during their lifetime. Natural scenery, friendly people, great resources and Guinness – how could you possibly be disappointed!

Yvonne Ganly

My name’s Yvonne and I’m from just outside the town of Mullingar.

I’ve just returned from living in America and I have to say the time away has made me appreciate Ireland, our little country even more.

The beautiful scenery, Irish music, Gaelic football & Hurling, the nightlife, and most importantly the craic with the’s just hard to beat it!

My favourite place to visit would have to be the very popular Galway City! I just love the atmosphere, the cobblestones street, the nightlife and of course the shopping!

Clare is a close second, with highlights including, The Cliffs of Moher, Lahinch and the village of Doolin. But why take my word for it?..come experience it for yourself!

Natasha Reilly


My name is Natasha, and I was born and raised here in Mullingar and have lived here all my life.

It’s a great spot, especially if you want to explore Ireland, as we are so central to everything. Galway is probably my favourite city, full of music and culture.

I am a huge music lover, and we have some serious talent on the Irish music scene, with bands like The Coronas and Thin Lizzy, two of my favourites.

If you are like me in that regard, you will love Ireland especially the pubs and the traditional Irish music they have. It is something we pride ourselves on, and having the craic of course.

We are a friendly bunch here in the Emerald Isle, so my advice would be to strike up conversations with everyone and anyone you meet on your travels, I’m sure you will hear some great stories, and have a laugh along the way.

Sinéad Doyle

My name is Sinéad Doyle . I live outside Mullingar in an area known as Gaybrook. It is a small area where the neighbours become almost family. I am a recent college graduate from University College Dublin where I studied music and geography. I had lived in Dublin the past four years while I was studying and as much as I loved living in the big city I have to say there is no place like home in the heart of Ireland. As a child we spent our summer holidays in various parts of the country but I have to say my favourite place was Co. Clare. From our endless trips including Bunratty castle and The Cliffs of Moher this county has so much to offer. They also have some of the best Irish music in the country. It is home to one of the oldest céilí bands in Ireland the Kilfenora ceili band. Ireland will always give tourists a céad míle fáilte and if you are lucky they might even buy you a pint. As the old Irish seanfhocail goes Go n-éirí an bóthar leat is do chosán cóngair, May your journey long or short be a success.

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