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Scroll through Pinterest, thumb through a magazine, or turn on HGTV, and you’ll see plenty of houses that are completely spotless. Outside of those picture-perfect settings, though, the concept of keeping your home pristine can seem impossible for even the cleanest of homeowners. Nevertheless, there are some ways you can make your space cleaner, even just a little bit at a time. In fact, adding just one of these methods to your regular home maintenance routine could transform your home—maybe even enough to compete with those magazine covers.

1. Bring in the professionals.


If you’re dealing with significant amounts of grime and debris, or you just want to start with a clean slate, hiring pros to handle even just a portion of your cleaning projects can make a significant difference. For instance, you could look into Charlotte pressure washing pros to tackle your home’s exterior. Pressure washing your siding, driveway, sidewalk, patio, and other exterior areas will do a great job of clearing the space of all kinds of debris.

By bringing in professionals to do your power washing, you have the peace of mind of knowing it’s being done properly. Their expertise with a pressure washer will give your home’s curb appeal an instant boost and give you the cleanliness you’re craving. Then it will just be up to you to maintain the state of the house on the inside.

2. Get rid of unnecessary clutter.


Confer with any of the industry’s top organizing experts and you’ll hear one resounding suggestion: declutter before you start to organize. By removing excess items from your space, you’ll instantly have more room and less to clean while making the cleaning process itself more feasible. You’ll slowly clear walkways through even the toughest messes and make sure you can get to those toughest messes.

You might begin by cleaning out obvious trash—old wrappers, used tissues, and similar debris. Then, you can sort through your belongings and donate or otherwise dispose of whatever isn’t adding to your life. Think of it this way: the fewer items you have, the less you’ll need to clean! And, if you’re donating items in good condition, you can enjoy the added benefit of feeling like you’ve helped others in the process.

3. Create systems that work for you.


If you dig through various resources on cleaning and organizing, you’ll find lots of different routines, systems, and programs designed to get and keep your house clean. You may have to try several different methods before one manages to stick—or you might even need to combine a few different concepts to create something all your own.

Perhaps the most helpful concept you’ll find, though, is that of making your housework for you, rather than vice versa. This might mean moving your dishes and glassware to a cabinet just above the dishwasher, so there are fewer steps (literally) in putting them away. Or, you could put a hamper in the room where your family members seem to get changed more often and inevitably leave their clothes astray. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same system someone else would use—it’s just what works for you and your family.

A pristine home might seem like an impossible goal if you’re starting from square one, or if you’re simply a busy modern homeowner. All the same, you can explore some of the best ways to get your home clean and keep it that way in order to find what works for you. That might be a particular system or a bit of professional assistance. It could even come down to getting rid of clutter you don’t need. In the end, though, you’ll surely find your home is suddenly clean.

Lucia Fowler