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Birmingham, Alabama is a town with a lot to offer. Some things fall through the cracks even in smaller cities, and with the current largest city in Alabama, this is no exception. Birmingham offers a good selection of activities, historical landmarks, food, and shopping to occupy your day. Still, there are a few things that aren’t immediately obvious about Birmingham, Alabama, and here are a few to keep in mind on your next visit.

There Is A Killer Art Scene

The art scene in Birmingham, Alabama is more extensive than you would expect. While they have an art museum worth checking out, they have art events you could easily miss as well. Held on the first Thursday of every month, the “BHAM ART CRAWL” is a community art event that lets independent artists show off and sell their work. Attending an art walk that is free to the public is also a great way to spend your day if you enjoy the local art on a budget, and additional art galleries like the Art Ally ensure that you will never have too few opportunities to appreciate a variety of quality art. 

The Parks Will Blow You Away

Birmingham’s network of parks is more extensive than what might be immediately obvious. With more than 2,000 acres of parks, you are sure to find a park that will suit your fancy. Railroad Park, for example, can provide a pleasant walking trail that connects many other places that are worth visiting on their own merits. Some parks even have pavilions available for rent if you want some extra space for a party or other gathering while you are in town.

Craft Beer Is Abundant

Birmingham has a rather impressive craft beer community as well. Craft beers in Birmingham are also notable for being some of if not the best in the country, according to In addition to their large number of craft breweries, they have a fair variety of festivals dedicated to beer like the Birmingham Edition of the Great Southern Beer Fest. Other events that serve alcohol exist, so if you are looking to attend such an event you should do some research ahead of time to see if one fits into your schedule.

The History Is Rich

There are also some exceptionally important historical locations in Birmingham. Its Civil Rights Trail is itself relatively well known, but with the very large number of historical sites to visit across Jefferson County, you are certain to need more than a few days to visit them all. Even something like the “Heaviest Corner on Earth,” an intersection that contains some of Birmingham’s oldest skyscrapers, has a fair amount of history to it.

The Scenery Is Stellar

Birmingham is home to quite a lot of remarkable scenery both natural and manmade despite its status as a large city. The massive Ruffner Mountain is home to 14 miles of trails of varying difficulties. A unique 50-ton cast-iron monument, known as the Vulcan Statue, exists in the Vulcan Park as a gift from an Italian artist to commemorate Birmingham’s iron and steel industry. In both cases, the amount of time and effort that is put into maintaining these areas makes them well worth visiting.

Many places you might visit have only one or two things that make the place worth visiting. But if you are looking for a city where you can appreciate its wide variety of art, culture, and entertainment, Birmingham is the spot. You won’t want to miss a thing, so if you’re looking for iPhone repair in Birmingham, you can find a uBreakiFix at 5492 US-280, Birmingham, AL, 35242. Give them a call at (205) 408-1333.

From its parks to its shopping to its arts community, there will surely be something of interest for anyone who visits Birmingham, Alabama.

Carol K.