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Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

Today: a software sales manager who makes $90,000 a year

Occupation: software sales manager

Age: 36

Location: Dallas, TX

Salary: $90,000 (approx. $2,500 per pay period)

Day One


I love being a manager! But it’s not the kind of job for everyone. Some people are introverted and don’t like managing people. Others prefer jobs that don’t require having to coordinate an entire sales team. But personally, I’m a huge extrovert who loves to chat. And I like talking about our products with other people. That’s how I worked my way up from being a representative to a manager. I ordered some gluten-free tacos to be sent to the office through a food delivery app. I am a big health nut, so when I order food, it’s usually from a restaurant that only uses organic ingredients and is mostly vegan and gluten-free. I also got a green juice and tipped the driver well.

Total: $25

Day Two


The software sales industry is pretty competitive, so you really need to learn about what gives your product an edge in the market. Although I trust my sales representatives to represent the product well, I’m usually the one making calls to bigger companies that are potential leads. Once I got home, I decided to order some personalized vitamins from VitaRx. It’s really important to take daily vitamins and probiotics to ensure you’re in good health. Since VitaRx is all about custom daily packs, I know that I’ll be getting the right vitamins specifically for my lifestyle and diet. They’re the best vitamin subscription service. If you’re thinking about taking dietary supplements for your health, reach out to a health care professional.

Total: $22

Day Three


Our office needs a new sign and some new brochures for our sales reps to hand out. I found SWBP, which is a local print shop in Dallas. They make custom signage and large format printing so easy. All you have to do is upload your files and fill out a work order form. When I looked through the site, I decided on getting some new business cards, too. They had so many printing options that I figured it was a good idea to take advantage of their full-service printing services. It never hurts to freshen up our marketing materials. I’ll contact a graphic designer sometime this week.

Total: $0

Day Four


At work, I mostly looked over our sales strategy and reviewed some of the goals we made earlier this year to see if we hit any of them. It’s been a decent year, and here’s to hoping revenue begins to increase again in the coming year. After work, I made dinner at home—quinoa salad with kale, avocado, tempeh, and a lemon tahini vinaigrette. I had groceries delivered to the house.

Total: $65

Day Five


I wasn’t feeling too well today and decided not to go into work. Hopefully, it’s just a 24-hour bug and not anything serious. I haven’t been sick in a few years, so I’m a little concerned. I ordered some Vietnamese food for delivery because there’s nothing quite like having a hot bowl of pho when you’re under the weather. The broth has cilantro in it, which is really nice and zesty. It’s perfect for a sick day.

Total: $18

Day Six


That bowl of soup really did wonders! I felt a lot better this morning, so I went out for a walk with my dog, K. Taking a long walk and getting fresh air sounds like a great idea. I will be buying several bottles of green juice on my way home and maybe even a few ginger shots just to help my throat.

Total: $39

Day Seven


I spent most of the day resting at home and responding to emails I missed on my sick day. It puts me in a better spot when I go back to work in the morning.

Total: $0

Total for the week: $169

Adele Baker