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Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

Today: a landlord who makes $58,000 a year

Occupation: landlord

Age: 32

Location: New Jersey

Salary: $58,000 (approx. $2,231 per pay period)

Day One


After buying a new property for a steal, I quickly learned that the roof desperately needs work. I take some time to compare local roofing companies and find the best option for the house. I go ahead and schedule a free consultation to estimate the particular needs. In the meantime, I’ll contain the leaks with some spare buckets—complete with a quick trip to the local hardware store—and hope for the best!

Total: $15

Day Two


Some companies, like Alamos Gold, do an incredible job of diversifying their assets. In their case, they have four mines in spread from Mexico to Canada, as well as development-stage projects in Turkey, the United States, and other destinations. They also deal in precious metals besides gold, though it remains their primary focus. Lately, I’ve been wondering how my own business dealings could be similarly diverse. This second property is a great start, but I think the best way to really mix it up is to put some of my funds toward other investments. Even gold! I’m starting off with a few pieces of broken gold jewelry, which will kick-start my newest investment.

Total: $90

Day Three


Today, I’m not going to think about the upcoming roofing project or whether I’m making a good choice with my new investment in gold. Instead, I’m learning the ins and outs of everything I need to do for the party I’m throwing this weekend! To start, I’ll be following up with our caterers and the entertainment, a group of dancers. Then, I head to a nearby eatery, where I pay for meals for all 114 attendees. This party is one I’ve been saving for for a while!

Total: $2,280

Day Four


I head to my first rental property first thing this morning and make sure everything is in good shape. The boy I paid to mow the lawn clearly isn’t doing a good job, so I make a note to find a replacement. This house shouldn’t need a total roof replacement like the second one, but, if the contractor I’m considering is the best roofer around like he seems to be, I might just have him come make a few roof repairs here, too. After all of this, I treat myself to a generous meal at the nearest French restaurant.

Total: $57.50

Day Five


It’s time for some more party planning! I take some time to pick up plenty of decorations and other party essentials, like plates and utensils, then grab enough alcohol to keep us going well into the night. Only one more day until everyone arrives at the hall and we have an amazing time!

Total: $349

Day Six


Today is the big day! I head to the salon for a fresh cut and pick up a brand-new suit that I had custom-tailored. After following up with the caterers, I make my way to the hall myself. I’m there before any guests, of course, and I’m able to put the finishing touches on the space before the waitstaff even arrives. Soon after, my friends begin filing in, and we’re in for a wild, wonderful night.

Total: $432

Day Seven


I wake up absolutely exhausted from last night. I don’t even remember going to sleep, honestly. Fortunately, I don’t have any pressing appointments today, so I get to sleep in and order an incredibly greasy dish for a late lunch. After some Advil and electrolytes, I’m able to replay last night’s festivities and remind myself that I really did have a great time.

Total: $21

Total for the week: $3,244.50

Lucia Fowler