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Real estate is a booming industry since people are always seeking homes, retail space, or office space to buy or rent. As such, setting up a residential or commercial property business is an excellent way to take advantage of this ever-present demand and enjoy some great financial rewards while you’re at it.

However, property sales is a highly competitive sector, as there are many realtors from multiple agencies seeking to offload homes to potential buyers. That’s why you need a comprehensive plan to make sure your homes sell fast on the housing market. Below are three excellent tips you should implement to help you improve your property sales.

1. Leverage real estate portals.


Many realtors agree that real estate portals are essential to improving home sales, so using these avenues should be a vital aspect of your plan to boost home sales. These portals typically invest in digital marketing, so they rank high on Google’s SERP when potential homeowners conduct searches for “apartments for rent in” and “buy a house in” a certain area. These platforms often are the main points of contact between sellers and buyers since many prospective property owners depend on them to find their dream homes. Therefore, use property portals like Zillow and Trulia as excellent tools to give your agency more visibility, allowing you to showcase your properties beyond your company website. Several renowned enterprises in the residential and commercial property industry benefit from using these portals. Prominent property management enterprises such as Venterra Realty are great examples of such businesses.

Venterra Realty is a property management company that oversees numerous apartment homes and communities in eleven major US cities in the southern United States. Their properties house over 35,000 residents and 11,000 pets. Andrew Stewart, John Foresi, and Greg Finch established Venterra Realty in 2001 to provide top-notch property management services to clients. The company specializes in identifying, developing, financing, acquiring, and managing multi-family apartment communities. John Foresi, Venterra CEO, credits their success to their dedicated, caring, and passionate workers, as well as their award-winning company culture. Foresi also praises the Venterra team’s commitment to improving residents’ lives by offering industry-leading customer experiences, one of their four operating pillars alongside employee experience, innovation, and operating excellence. What’s more, they employ state-of-the-art technology in the property management industry, maintaining high-efficiency standards that benefit investors, employees, and residents.

2. Organize webinars for lead generation.

Webinars are free online video conferences in which an industry expert offers insights into a specific topic in exchange for your email address and name. Webinars can be used for different purposes, ranging from showcasing your products to keep customers updated to interacting with prospects. They’re essential lead generation tactics for marketers and can work wonders for residential and commercial real estate companies. Webinars are an integral marketing aspect across many industries, and you can always join one to learn about various topics. Leading digital magazines will come in handy when searching for property sales webinars.

Gerhard Gschwandtner is the founder of a multi-channel media enterprise that produces a leading digital periodical for property sales VPs and managers since 1981. You can find various magazine issues on their website and can quickly subscribe for yearly access. The website also offers articles on various sales-related topics, including selling skills, sales talent, process and methodology, coaching and training, operation, enablement, and technology. Additionally, the website offers helpful video content and webinars to provide guidelines on many sales-themed topics.

3. Create virtual tours.

Potential homebuyers have little time to waste when seeking properties to invest in, so consider organizing virtual tours to help them understand as much as they can about the property before visiting in person. These tours are an excellent way to give clients an accurate and comprehensive preview of the homes they’re interested in. Virtual tours position you above competitors who use photographs only, and they also help you save time and other resources.

As such, consider investing in a 360-degree or immersive video camera since they’re omnidirectional, allowing your clients to see views in every direction recorded simultaneously. You can also invest in drones since these tools will enable you to capture better images and obtain more complete outlines of the space than your average photograph. As a real estate company, you can also invest in other helpful solutions, including software that can benefit your enterprise. The Microsoft Teams OKR software is an excellent solution to keep your teams moving in the right direction towards Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Microsoft Teams is a fantastic hub for work conversations, and the Workboard Teams Integration helps bring strategic priorities into everyday discussions, focus, and decision-making.

To conclude, establishing a real estate agency is an excellent way to break into the ever-booming housing market. The points above are three helpful tips to help you improve your home sales in this competitive industry.

Jenna Howard