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Ireland Top Attractions

As well as world class hospitality, top quality food and drink, energetic music and dance, some of the most talented writers in the world, and a nation of charming, friendly people, Ireland still has something else to offer – as difficult as that may be to believe! Whether you spend a day, a week or a month in the Emerald Isle, you’ll realise quite quickly that as well as all of the above, there are some unforgettable sights to feast your eyes on too. Whether it’s nature and landscapes, the mystical wonders of the country’s ancient past or modern day activities that tickle your fancy, there’s something in Ireland for you. Now if only we had a roof to avoid the rain…

Natural Wonders
cliffs of moher
When visitors think of Ireland, the images they conjure up are usually rolling green hills, waves crashing against rocky coastlines, misty mountains and glassy lakes. The good news is, it’s all reality. Ireland is full of awe inspiring natural wonders, from the alluring hexagonal rock formations of the Giant’s Causeway in county Antrim to the majestic, sweeping vista of the Cliffs of Moher or the otherworldy barren landscape of the Burren in county Clare, Ireland will take your breath away.

Ancient Artefacts
Did you know Ireland has not one, but hundreds of ancient structures that are even older than the Pyramids of Egypt? The island has been inhabited since at least 3000BC, and the marks left by ancient societies on the landscape of the country can still be seen today. Take the majestic passage tomb of Newgrange in county Meath; it was built entirely by hand, has lasted over 5000 years, and is even cosmically aligned so that sunlight shines directly into the central chamber every winter solstice. All by people who didn’t even know how to read or write. Impressive!

Monastic Marvels
Weekend Review February 2011. Book of Kells. Evangelists.
When Christianity came to Ireland, the creativity and craftsmanship of the people really flourished. As a result, we’ve been left with intricately detailed, beautifully decorated manuscripts such as the Book of Kells – the finest example of an illuminated manuscript in the world. Monastic sites around the country are the resting places of endless examples of stunning Celtic art too, such as the high crosses of Clonmacnoise, Glendalough and Kells – a must for any art or history lover.

City Slickers
If nature, history, or art doesn’t float your boat, you’re still bound to find something in Ireland that tickles your fancy. Try some of our eclectic and down to earth cities on for size; there’s the classy capital of Dublin with its stately Georgian architecture and laid back attitude; the newly reborn Belfast where the past is very much alive in the present and Titanic and Game of Thrones draws higher visitor numbers ever year; or the compact and cultural Galway, where traditional music sessions and all things Irish abound.

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