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Tens of thousands of people move to and from Florida every year. Some move to Orlando from New York because their jobs take them there, others move for retirement, and still, others move to the Sunshine State because they want the nice weather all year long. It’s important to note that moving to Florida, whether Orlando, Jacksonville or Miami, isn’t for everyone.

Just because you’ve vacationed in Orlando, Florida, during the summer months doesn’t mean that you are ready to rent or be a homeowner in the Sunshine State year-round. If, however, you’ve decided that moving to the South, whether it’s Orlando, Jacksonville, or into the Miami heat, there are a few things you should know when you’re moving to Florida to help you settle in nicely and with little stress.

Take the weather into consideration.


The weather is one of the many reasons to move to Florida. For the most part, it’s always sunny and warm in Orlando, Jacksonville, and especially in parts of southern Florida. For those that come from the frigid temperatures of New York to the summer heat of Orlando, Florida, the sun and fun may be all they think about.

However, it would help if you were prepared for the hurricanes that threaten the area for part of every year. Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th most years and can call for mandatory evacuations, especially along the beaches. You can do things to prepare for the hurricane season every year, and there are safety guidelines you’ll need to follow. So, while living in Florida is amazing, you have to watch for hurricanes simultaneously. Other than the hurricanes, it’s time to shed those heavy coats and sweaters because you’re not going to need them anymore.

Watch out for wildlife.


Living in Orlando, Jacksonville, or any city in Florida opens you up to see some spectacular wildlife. While the wildlife is great, you need to be careful when living in South Florida or any southern state, for that matter. Alligators are common in Florida and have been known to show up on people’s property uninvited and unannounced. There are also quite a few mosquitos to deal with in Florida, no matter what part of the state you choose to move to. There are aquatic animals, birds, and species that you can’t find anywhere else, which manages to make the alligators and mosquitos worthwhile.

Decide whether to rent or purchase a home.


People move to Florida for various reasons, but it’s because of the lifestyle more often than not. Once you’ve decided that Orlando or another Florida area is where you want to live, you need to determine whether you want to rent a home or become a homeowner in Orlando. Some gorgeous locations in Florida, some along the beach, some historical, so the choice is yours. If you choose to purchase a historic home and need to know how to restore a historic house, there are many sites out there that can teach you how. If you intend to stay in Orlando, Jacksonville, or any other part of Florida for a long time, then purchasing a home might be the best bet.

Out with the old, in with the new.


Whether you’re moving into a historic house or just an old home, you’re going to want to do some decluttering of your old place before becoming a homeowner and moving into your new home. Make sure that you get rid of things such as heavy jackets, mittens, and anything super cold weather-related because you shouldn’t need it.

You want to consider renting a storage unit as well, at least until you get settled in your new home in Orlando. You can find cheap storage in Orlando to keep everything from your jewelry to your valuables that you don’t want to leave in your new home until you settled into it yourself. You should be able to find a climate control self-storage unit for a reasonable price to store everything from your appliances to things you picked up at the thrift store and can’t bring yourself to part with. From protecting your jewelry to having a place to store your appliances, renting a storage unit makes good sense.

Make travel arrangements ahead of time.


When moving from a place like New York to Orlando, Florida, you need to make your travel arrangements ahead of time. There are a few things you should never pay the full retail price for, and travel is one of those things. You should be able to find a great deal on travel if you book your trip a few months ahead of time, instead of waiting until the last minute to make preparations.

Have utilities turned on ahead of time?


Whether you’re moving in the summer to Jacksonville or in the spring to Orlando, you want to have your utilities switched on before you get there. After all, you don’t want to spend your first few days in Orlando trying to fix a plumbing issue that you didn’t know about. You didn’t get your water turned on or miss a trip to Disney world or a historic property because you’re waiting for the appliances repair service to come to fix the fridge.

You might also want to consider having a security system installed so that you have peace of mind in knowing that your valuables and jewelry are safe while you’re out visiting the best attractions in the Orlando area.

These are just a few of the best tips out there for helping you move from a place like New York to the Orlando area. Remember, you should make your travel reservations ahead of time, and never pay full price to travel from New York to anywhere in Florida. Since the best part about living in Florida is the weather, make sure you don’t forget your flip-flops or forget to see attractions like Disney World and the beaches during your stay while you restore that historical house you chose to purchase.

George Spencer