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Lower costs of living, picturesque landscapes, and greater independence are all excellent reasons why someone may want to buy a house in the middle of nowhere. However, this way of living does come with some disadvantages, the main issue being that things are much more inaccessible than they would be if you lived in a suburban or urban area. If you’ve recently moved to the middle of nowhere, don’t worry! Adjusting to this way of life is more than doable. To help you get more acclimated to your living situation, here are a few useful tips for living in the middle of nowhere.

Look for ways to get things shipped directly to you.


Given that you live in the middle of nowhere, finding things that you need to lead your day-to-day life can be difficult. For example, if you’re very diligent about taking care of your skin, not being close to a dermatologist to help you with skin conditions like acne, eczema, or psoriasis can leave you anxious about how you’re going to keep your skin in the best possible shape. Fortunately, the best dermatologists will ship some of your most essential items directly to you. All you have to do is look for a dermatologist near you (if you live in South Texas, for example, you could search for a dermatologist in San Antonio) and stock up on essentials like cleansers and creams to keep your skin in great health. Just remember that you will have to make appointments for procedures like BOTOX injections or chemical peels.

But what about essentials like groceries? You can actually get these shipped to your door as well. If you get a membership with a company like Thrive Market, you can get nonperishables, vegan milk, and frozen goods shipped right to your door so you don’t have to make a trip to the grocery store so often. If there’s something you need, chances are you can get it online.

Stay connected with others by leveraging new technology to your advantage.

If there’s one thing that everyone associates with the middle of nowhere, it’s poor reception and bad internet connection. Planning ahead for these issues will make it easier to connect with the world and your loved ones. One piece of technology you can use is a cell phone signal booster for car models and other automobiles that you may drive around your area. Cell phone boosters improve weak signals to make it easier for you to make phone calls, send texts, and surf the web when you’re on the go. Just buy a booster, install it in your vehicle, and get the reception you need to keep in touch with everyone in your contacts.

Another great product to buy is a mobile hotspot in the event that you find yourself without internet or need a better connection for work or leisure. As long as you can connect to others with your phone and get online, you should find living in the middle of nowhere a little less difficult.

Buy items in bulk when you have the opportunity.


The last thing you want to do when you live in the middle of nowhere is run to the store miles out each time you run out of something. While you may not be able to help it for items like eggs or milk, you can always buy in bulk when it comes to nonperishables, toiletries, and home-cleaning products that you need regularly. This way, you are stocked up on these items and can reduce the number of trips you need to make to neighboring towns or cities for supplies.

Living in the middle of nowhere can be an adjustment for city or suburban folk. However, it’s not impossible to get used to. If you’ve recently moved somewhere far away from civilization, use the guide above to prepare for your new lifestyle without going crazy.

Carol K