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Getting into law school is a hard task, as there is a lot of prep work involved in order to complete your applications. Before you begin, start taking note of your extracurricular activities and thinking about your personal statement. Here’s what you need to prep for your law school applications.

Pick out all of your top schools and fill out the LSAC application.

The application on the LSAC requires a few basic details. This includes biographical information as well as your academic history. Most applications also require you to include any extracurricular activities you may have done in the past. Since applications are done online, you can easily complete this if you prepare all of the basic information beforehand. This might even involve your resume. The goal is to show your best self on paper and show your potential and ability to learn.

Get a hold of your transcripts and scores.


You worked hard to study for your GREs and prepare for your LSATs. It probably took several months of studying on top of an intense workload in college or hours working at your job. Now, it’s time to show off those test scores you worked so hard for! For your applications, you’ll need to submit test scores depending on the schools you’ve chosen. Keep in mind, some schools will only accept LSAT scores. Request these transcripts from your undergraduate schools and have them sent over to the LSAC. It’ll then be added to your application.

Ask for letters of recommendation.

Letters of recommendation from employers or college professors are a crucial component of the application process. If you’re in need of further assistance with getting into your dream school, try consulting college admissions prep services. Empowerly guides students through the college admissions process and helps them get into schools that are the right fit for their skills. If you’re looking to attend a top-tier college, seeking the advice of a college counselor can help!

Start preparing your personal statement.


Think about why you want to become a lawyer in the first place. For Malliha Wilson, an international human rights lawyer, it was about being a champion of diversity and fighting for human rights. Obtaining a law degree allowed her to support underrepresented populations through notable cases, and her work in the public sector has earned her a Lawyer of Distinction award. Beyond grades and test scores, what sets you apart? What are the experiences that make you unique and drive you toward future accomplishments as a lawyer? Explain your perspective and be prepared to talk about your past accomplishments. Think hard about how these led to a career in legal services.

Review all of the necessary application fees.

Thankfully, the LSAC makes this easy. The site handles nearly every aspect of the application, which includes the processing of any fees. More and more schools are offering applications at no cost. Some fees cost anywhere from $0 all the way up to $85. And the more schools you apply to, the more fees you’ll have to pay.

See if there are any additional requirements for specific schools.


Some schools will require additional essays, and it’s important that you complete them to help you stand out. Some ask for 500-word essays on why you want to work in public policy. Just know that certain schools may have stricter requirements.

When it comes to law school applications, you’re far better off starting sooner rather than later. Not only do you need high LSAT scores and good letters of recommendation, but you’ll also need to prepare a personal statement that helps you stand out from other applicants. Hopefully, this page has helped you get an idea of what to prep. Good luck!

Sadie Casey