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Moving can be quite a hassle. There is so much planning that goes into what usually winds up being an hours-long process, and despite doing whatever you can to have peace of mind, something happens to spring up and throw you off your game plan. The most important thing about planning a move is remembering to breathe.

Here are a few other important things to take into mind as you brace to pack up and head to a new destination.

Figuring Out Your Budget


When it comes time for you to pack up and move, how much you spend always weighs on your mind. If you are on the hunt for movers in Charlton, MA, you want to look for movers who not only have availability but flexibility in scheduling and pricing. Look for movers that are within your range, and won’t cut into any expenses that you may be facing like rent or a mortgage.

Be sure to have backup plans for whatever moving company you choose. Things pop up last minute, so it is important to have another team in mind if things fall through with your first choice.

One of the greatest positives of moving is that it gives you a true inventory of all of your belongings. While figuring out logistics for your big move, consider what you can give away to charity, sell, or even gift to a friend or family member. If there are appliances in your home that need major repairs, you may be better off just leaving it on the curb than lugging a broken piece of machinery to your new place.

Packing Smart


Make things easier on yourself and whoever is helping you move by labeling everything. Clearly marking boxes and containers puts everyone in the know. If you know the layout of the home or apartment you are moving into, outline a map of where you want boxes to go. This will save confusion when you arrive at your new place.

If your move is being stretched over a few days because of distance or waiting on the closing process, you may want to consider an RV to accommodate you for the span of that trip. Warranty providers, like, provide extended warranties to protect RV owners from unexpected repair costs due to breakdowns or road hazards. This will keep you from having to spend exorbitant amounts of money on RV repairs or mechanical issues by having the pro protection of RV insurance.

Who knows? You may want to make that recreational vehicle something that is a part of your life for the occasional trek to another destination for a quick getaway.

Last-Minute Hacks


Not everything may go according to plan on moving day, and that’s okay. If you are in a time crunch, you may not be able to plan or prep. Don’t hesitate to just pack up now and sort out later, just be sure to properly wrap valuables and sharp items. It’s a good idea to utilize a moving company to back up different items and take some tasks off your hand to avoid issues or even physical damage to personal belongings.

Once the unpacking begins, be sure to give yourself different lengths of time to unpack rooms. Start with the kitchen and the bathroom to make sure your bare necessities are in place even if your furniture is not in place. A stocked refrigerator and a few rolls of toilet paper can help you grind through the process. While you can do a little bit at a time, just be sure to give yourself a deadline to have everything unpacked and cleaned up in your new home. Some people opt for a housewarming party to schedule the unpacking, as opposed to allowing spontaneity to get in the way and keep boxes unopened and sitting in the corner.

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