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Millions of people all over the world check their horoscope every morning, but it’s worth taking the time to think about what your star sign says about your sense of style. Making wardrobe choices isn’t easy, but you may be able to guide your decision-making by learning a little more about your zodiacal background. There are plenty of resources available online that can teach you everything you need to know about your sign and what professional astrologists say about the way it may influence your sartorial preferences. If you need some inspiration, keep reading to learn what fashion trends you should try based on your zodiac sign.

What fashion trends should you try based on your zodiac sign?


Before you start shopping based on your sign, you should make sure you know what it is. Many people don’t realize it, but you actually have a sun sign, a moon sign, and a rising (or ascendant) sign. Fortunately, you can calculate moon and rising sign online easily with a birth chart calculator. Your birth chart, also called a natal chart, will tell you where all the major constellations and planets were located at the time of your birth, and what it means for you astrologically. Once you have the information you need, you can think about how to apply it to your fashion sense.

Signs that like to stand out or make a statement, like Gemini and Taurus, are likely to be the first to try the latest trends. If there’s something bold or exciting on the runway, they’ll probably know about it first. Signs that are more practical are more likely to opt for trends that are cozy and practical, like picking up a new pair of modern and comfortable bootcut jeans. Stylish and casual basics like this are favorites for those born under Virgo, Capricorn, and Libra.

Water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces tend to be guided by emotion, so their sense of style can change depending on what state of mind they’re in. For these signs, everything in their lives tends to be centered around the way they are feeling at any given time. If you’re one of these signs, you may want to develop an eclectic wardrobe, so you’ll have always something to put in, no matter how you’re feeling.

Where did astrology come from?


The history of astrology is long and fascinating, since using divination to make inferences about the future has been commonplace since the earliest records of human civilization. Divination is defined as the practice of interpreting the influence of stars and planets on human events on earth. Historians say that divination can trace its history all the way back to Mesopotamia. From there, it spread to India and throughout the rest of the ancient world.

Details associated with current astrology, like zodiac signs and houses, were developed later on. The Greeks are widely considered to be most responsible for shaping the practice as we know it today. The Greek interpretation of the discipline is often referred to as Hellenistic astrology. Despite this name, it was practiced for several centuries and the traditions associated with the Grecian version of astrology are the basis of all of our modern astrological knowledge.

Astrology has been around since the beginning of time, and it’s not new for us to use the stars to help make decisions. However, what you may not realize is that you can actually use the wisdom provided by the zodiac to decide which trends to participate in this season. The traits associated with your sign can inspire some creative outfits and combinations. Just make sure you take the time to do your birth chart first, so you have an accurate record of your sun, moon, and rising signs. Our zodiac signs can affect many aspects of our lives, so why not consider taking yours into account next time you go shopping?

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