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If you run a small business, you may be jealous of some of the different platforms and tools larger companies have at their disposal. After all, unless you serve a niche or don’t have a growth mindset, it’s likely that someday you want your small business to be just as large and successful as the larger enterprises you may deal with as a day-to-day consumer.

However, in many cases, these sorts of perks and philosophies make just as much sense being implemented on a small scale as they do on a large scale. In fact, the same sorts of platforms that help big businesses attract and retain new customers can be used by business owners running companies of all shapes, sizes, and verticals. Read on to learn about a few different ways to implement enterprise solutions as a small business owner.

Subscribe to services that offer your employees perks—just like the billion-dollar startups.


One of the reasons that larger companies and hot tech startups can attract such great talent to their teams is that they offer perks that go above and beyond what traditionally is offered to employees. While you probably already offer some form of retirement fund and health insurance, to really stay competitive and run like the big leagues do, you should also invest in services that improve your workplace culture.

Finding a water delivery provider or other beverage delivery service is exactly the sort of thing that can brighten any worker’s day. From coffee and creamer to 5-gallon bottles that can be installed straight into the water cooler and traded out for empty bottles when they’re spent, offering great-tasting natural spring water is something that will make everyone feel a little bit more cared for in the workplace.

Even though bottled water delivery involves a delivery service, many providers offer water brands and delivery fees that are quite reasonable. You can even adjust your delivery frequency to ensure that you don’t wind up with too much extra clean water on your office’s doorstep, ensuring that you always have enough water for employees to make a personal connection during some water cooler talk.

Take advantage of tech tools that help you target customers and serve them better.


One of the biggest differentiators between small businesses and larger enterprises is attracting and retaining new customers. Data is king with larger companies; however, small businesses may struggle to implement the same sorts of strategies without the right CRM (customer relationship management) tools. Having a reliable CRM isn’t limited to enterprises, though. In fact, leveraging your database for small business owners is just as important, if not more important, for your success as it is for enterprises.

As a small business, you know that attracting new customers with special offers is only worthwhile if you can search, find, and continue engaging with those customers after their initial purchase. This is why having the right CRM tools that integrate with your eCommerce platforms (or even power them!) can be critical if you want to turn a new customer into a repeat sale. If you’re worried about being able to afford database software with all of the features you need, it might be worth investigating different SBA (Small Business Administration) loans and other funding opportunities. The SBA helps companies of various sizes get the funding they need to improve their performance.

Clearly, there are a few different ways you can go about investing in services that will improve your small business and meet your employees’ and your customers’ needs. By using the ideas above, you’re sure to find growth and help create the kind of business that makes a lasting impact in your customers’ lives as well as your coworkers’.

Eloise Morris