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California is a popular destination for several people who are not only looking for a warmer climate but also access to better employment opportunities in the healthcare, entertainment, and technology industries. The state has several great places to live, including Los Angeles County and the Bay Area in San Francisco.

Homeowners in other states looking to relocate to the Golden State will undoubtedly enjoy several perks of Californian life. However, there are certain essential things worth knowing before moving from your current home to California, in order to make your stay easier. Below are some specific things you should know about relocating to California.

A car is a must-have.


California is widely known as one of the biggest and most populous states in the U.S. Cars are necessary to get around freely, navigating the length and breadth of the state with ease. Most of its towns and cities are low-density communities with limited public transport options. Therefore, new California residents, especially people from the East Coast, will need to adjust to California cities that sprawl out for miles by having their cars.

Your vehicle will come in handy when traveling between cities, as you don’t have to depend on unreliable and often inaccessible public transportation. However, you should be prepared for the heavy traffic that many Californians experience as part of their daily lives. Nevertheless, a reliable car should constitute your moving costs if your next move is to California. Moving to a new home always necessitates helpful storage services that can make relocation a breeze. Reliable storage providers such as EZStorit have multiple storage options available.

EZStorit provides moving and storage services to clients in Dallas, TX, and several other locations countrywide. They have several cheap self-storage facilities that cater to a wide range of clients’ storage needs, whether you’re downsizing your new house, planning commercial moves, or storing RVs, boats, and other vehicles. They also have several storage options like climate-controlled units to house temperature-sensitive items like electronics and furniture. Their short-term storage options are useful to homeowners in need of storage, whether they’re relocating across town or making a long-distance move. Movers can reserve safe spaces for storing belongings without any credit cards or deposits, making the whole process stress-free. What’s more, EZStorit has years of experience in the storage and moving industry, taking the hassle out of clients’ moving processes for several years.

Brace yourself for high living costs.

The downside of California’s buoyant economy is that everything costs more, from rental property to utility bills. Therefore, you’ll need deep pockets or to stick to a tight budget to keep up with the 43% higher living cost than the national average. California has the third-highest cost of living in the United States, after Hawaii and New York, and property owners in the state spend significantly more on housing.

Areas like San Diego and Los Angeles are also noted for their high gas prices, so it helps to prepare financially before deciding to move to the Golden State with family members. Therefore, if you’re relocating to an inherited family home under probate in California, you could do with an advance on your inheritance that you can use to sort out several monetary issues. Reputable probate lenders such as HCS Equity have multiple financing solutions.

HCS Equity is an informational and services site for Californian lenders and borrowers that gives users information regarding homeowner policies across California. Heirs to real estate property in the California region need to be made aware of new Prop 19 rules that govern the transfer of property process from parents or grandparents. California voters voted in the November ballot to pass Proposition 19, allowing seniors, natural disaster victims, and severely disabled people to transfer their tax assessment up to three times. There’s now an assessed valued reassessment of inherited properties that heirs aren’t using as their principal property.

As such, it limits the availability of the parent-child exclusion for real estate tax assessments and the resulting property tax consequences. Before Prop 19’s passage, you could transfer secondary property like vacation homes, rental property, or commercial property with up to $1 million of their value being exempt from property tax increases, regardless of how it’s used. HCS Equity can help with third-party loans to preserve parents’ or grandparents’ Prop 13 tax base if your attorney advises that you seek out such loans.

Expect glorious year-round sunshine.

California’s climate is close in nature to the Mediterranean climate. The summers are mostly dry and warm with wetter, cooler winters. Summers along the coastline are moderate, peaking in August at around 21 degrees. Inland cities can even experience temperatures as high as 35 degrees. Therefore, it’s an excellent place to live if you’re a fan of sunshine, perfect for enjoying the warm summer in bikinis or a strapless bra, shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops for most of the time.

California is a great place to live due to the unique experiences it provides to dwellers. However, there’s a lot to know about relocating to California, and the above-listed points are just a few insights into a few important things worth knowing before moving to the Golden State.

Camille Johnson