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While renovating your home, you’ll likely consider how any big projects may affect every member of your household. Though you’re well-deserving of a home renovation, if you have a child with autism, sometimes these changes are challenging to accomplish without causing disruption. Let’s face it, by committing to a home remodel, you’re going to have to break up a few routines that may be important to your child. In order to complete your projects and be supportive of your child, you’ll have to make some considerations and adjustments. Keep reading to explore how you can both help your autistic child and complete the design of your dreams.

Find ways to work around triggers.


It’s quite common for children with autism to prefer routine, calm, and predictable environments. With this knowledge in mind, you might be wondering how to achieve this level of predictability amid a home renovation where there are bound to be some drastic changes. Interventions will depend on the age of your child, and it may depend on the autism spectrum disorder that your child has.

One way to avoid these triggers of unpredictability is to begin a specific routine with your child during the time of your renovations. Speak with your contractor to get an idea of their work schedule, and then try to fill this time with rewarding activities or time away from the overwhelming renovation space. This way, they don’t have to be present within the home during the physical remodel. If you have an older child, then you may want to speak with them before any renovations to get their opinions to gauge how they would prefer to manage this time.

Get them the help they deserve.


Another incredibly useful tool for children with an autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, is to consider going to an autism spectrum disorder specialist. These specialists are certified professionals who help your child with a variety of therapeutic behaviors and interventions. An ASD specialist will perform a behavior analysis to best understand where your child is on the autism spectrum. This way, they can provide more specified help for your child.

It’s also worth noting that many children who have autism also have other coexisting disorders like anxiety and mood changes, which make changes even more overwhelming. By finding an ASD therapist that knows how to best support your child, you’re setting them up with incredible tools, management strategies, and interventions that may help them beyond the stressful times of your renovations. Instead, implementing these strategies and coping skills at a young age may help them well into their adolescence.

Don’t forget about your dreams.


At the end of the day, just because your child has special needs, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go through with your home projects. With all of the interventions you and your ASD specialist come up with, you’ll be able to get back to the housework. When it comes to your home design goals, your dreams don’t have to be some far-out reality. With the help of contractors, go ahead and remodel your master bedroom and bathroom to create the room you’ve always wanted. The plus side to a bathroom and bedroom remodel is that it won’t disrupt your child as much as something like a kitchen remodel would.

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Camille Johnson