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If you and your sweetheart have spent much of the last year at home because of the global pandemic, it only seems natural that you’d want to kick your new life together off with a destination wedding. If you and your fiancé are thinking about planning a destination wedding for after the global pandemic is over, or even while shutdowns and restrictions are making things challenging, read on for some things to think about.

Doing Your Research Ahead of Time


A wedding at Olympic National Park, as recommended by a group of expert travelers, might sound dreamy from the comfort of your wedding room. The reality is that a serene, rocky landscape in Washington State could be a great place to say your vows on your big day. However, to make your dreams come true, you’ll want to do some planning ahead. No matter where you live if you’re planning a destination wedding, it’s always a great idea to scope out your venue ahead of time. The great news about Olympic National Forest, or other national parks like this, is that you can travel there relatively safely, even in the middle of a global pandemic, to find the exact right spot for your big day.

When considering planning a destination wedding in the United States, the first thing to do is pick a few locations in a region that feels right to you. Maybe you’re considering the Pacific Northwest, or perhaps your eye is on the Atlantic coast. Regardless of where you hope to say your vows, you’ll want to start with three dream locations and begin to whittle them down with some research.

If you don’t have much time to travel to hot springs, waterfalls, or those Olympic mountains before your big day, consider hiring a wedding planner in the area you plan to celebrate. They’ll be familiar with local rules, restrictions, and accommodations for you and your guests. While a wedding planner could be an extra item on your wedding budget, it might be worth it in the case of a destination event, especially in these unconventional times.

Special Plans for Guests


Before selecting your final destination, consider your guests. You’ll want to ask yourself if your favorite family and friends will be able to make the trip. For some couples, elderly families aren’t able to travel. In cases like this, they often hold two weddings: one destination and one less formal at home.

For those who are able to make the trip, think about what they’ll do during their time in your destination state. Maybe you’re set in California and have an aunt who’d enjoy a particular pawn shop or antique store in the city. In your case, you’ll want to search for ideas of ways to entertain guests before and after the wedding. A simple Google search like ‘pawn shop San Francisco‘ could certainly do the trick. You could include this in a guest favor basket with maps and a custom fanny pack. Little details like this would likely be appreciated by your guest when they arrive at hotels and other accommodations.

Travel in a Pandemic


Regardless of where your wedding will be, you’ll need a standard simple wedding checklist to make sure everything’s covered on the list. From the seating chart to last-minute wedding party gifts, a destination wedding will take more time when it comes to packing. As you buy items for your wedding, be sure to set them aside in one area or part of your home, so that you don’t forget anything.

Depending on your wedding timeline, you’ll need to take Covid-19 into consideration, too. Be sure to pack extra masks, sanitizers, and other items you’ll need to travel during a pandemic. Check with the airports before flying to be certain of restrictions and regulations. Be prepared to forget things and ready to make those last-minute purchases when you arrive at your destination.

At the end of the day, a destination wedding can be the perfect way to launch a new life together. In doing your research ahead of time, being okay with changes along the way, and considering guest travel and accommodation needs, you’ll put yourself in great shape to host a romantic occasion no one will forget. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, and don’t forget to bring those cameras!

Adele Baker