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2020 was the year that Covid-19 reared its ugly head made it impossible to go on vacations anywhere. 2021 is still iffy, but if you have your vaccine, you may be able to actually go on vacation or take a cruise with your family and friends.

Now that you’ve booked your vacation, made your travel arrangements, and also made arrangements for things at home to be taken care of while you’re gone, it’s time to start packing for a weeklong vacation. No matter where you’re going on vacation or for how long, it’s always a good idea to pack light. However, there are some things you can’t do without either.

Whether you choose to drive or travel by bus, plane, or train, you’re going to want to pack carefully, in a very organized manner. In this article, you’ll find a few tips to help you pack for that weeklong vacation you’ve been dying to leave on.

Find the right suitcases.


The first thing you need to do when packing for a seven-day vacation is finding the best suitcases to pack your belongings in. You don’t want anything too heavy, but you don’t want your suitcases to be flimsy either. The luggage you choose should be easy to get on and off of whatever mode of transportation you choose but be durable enough to hold everything you need to carry with you. Different modes of travel will require different types of luggage.

For example, if you’ve booked a cruise with a Boat Hire Algarve private yacht charter company, and that week-long trip includes kayaking somewhere, then you’ll want a backpack to take with you on that trip. However, if you’re going to be on a plane, you’ll need a carry-on bag so that the rest of your luggage can be stored until you arrive at your destination.

Don’t forget your pooch’s belongings.


If you couldn’t bring yourself to leave your pup behind in a doggie kennel, you may have scheduled a week-long trip to somewhere you could take him with you. In this case, you’re not going to want to forget your pooch’s belongings. Accessories that you want to pack for your pooch include food, toys, a doggie bed, and food and water bowls.

Before you head out on your trip, make sure to purchase a harness and leash from Joyride Harness as well so that you can protect your pup when you get to your destination. It’s also a good idea to purchase a doggie seatbelt as well, so that your pup is protected on the ride to and from the airport, bus station, or train station. Joyride Harness has the best harnesses, leashes, doggie seatbelts, and accessories on the market for the pup you love and take care of. Make sure that you get a good quality harness and leash from Joyride Harness so that you can take your pup for walks without having to worry about his safety.

Don’t overpack.


Unless you’re traveling somewhere that you can’t purchase things, then you don’t need to pack everything you own into those suitcases and backpacks you just purchased. You don’t need 10 pairs of jeans and 10 pairs of shorts for a week-long trip, and you don’t need to pack 10 books by your favorite author to read on the cruise ship. Instead, think about what you’re packing before you put it in your suitcase.

Ask yourself, do I really need this sweater on the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean coast, or are sunglasses a better choice? Can I purchase water shoes when I get there, or can I do without them while I’m on vacation? If you answer that question with a no, then put the books back on the shelf, pack fewer jeans and shorts, and you’ll be happier on your vacation.

Make a list, then check it twice or three times.


If you don’t make a packing list, you’ll be sure to leave something behind that you actually need on your trip. For example, vaping isn’t legal everywhere, so you want to put your THC vape cartridge, extra vape pens, extra cartridges, THC, and any vape accessories on the list. It might be best if you put your vape pens, THC flavors, and cartridges, along with your vape accessories, in one little packing cube so that they’ll be easily accessible on the way to your mode of travel and when you get to your destination.

Ensure that you speak to your primary healthcare provider about smoking vapes using THC or anything to do with vape products to ensure it’s the right choice for you and your health. A vape cartridge with your THC flavors might be great for calming your travel anxiety, but it’s better to be safe and talk to your doctor first.

These are just a few packing tips to help you get ready for your beach vacation or your week-long trip. Remember, stay safe out there, as the Covid-19 pandemic is still not a thing of the past.

George Spencer